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About Dittler

I grew up with classic game consoles of the third(NES - Nintendo Entertainment System), fourth(SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SMD - Sega Mega Drive) and fifth( Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64) generation. In 2004 I got my first own Personal Computer(PC), together with the video game "Battlefield 1942"(BF1942). This was the first FPS(First Person Shooter) I ever played. I never saw such huge game levels before. You were able to fly, use ships, drive tanks, or run around as a simple foot soldier. Since than I played video games primary on the PC, because I realized, what a PC is capable of.

The next great experience was the first and original, 2003 released "Call Of Duty"(COD). It featured intense single player action, detailed graphics, and a great music and sound system. So I played trough the whole game multiple times, beating it on hardest difficulty. 2007 I earned my first experiences with online gaming. Playing COD UO(United Offensive) and BF1942(with the awesome "Forgotten Hope" mod). 2008 Grum and me also started to play and enjoy the awesome Unreal Tournament 2004(UT2k4) mods: "Ballistic Weapons(BW) and "Killing Floor"(KF).

The same year(2008) I got my hands on Red Orchestra (RO), while I was searching for a good WW2(World War two) game. It was a good choice. It had a great realistic tone, good game mechanics like barrel aligned fire and was powered by the UT2k4 engine. Grum bought it as well and since than we played it online and eventually joined a clan in the same year, to compete against other teams. 2009 we decided to build up our own Red Orchestra Team(named (x.x)->Clan), so we had from now full control over everything. We played a lot matches(probably some hundred) and stayed very active in the international community and established as a reliable and competitive team. We played more than 30 matches in the good old RO ladder, till everything went downhill. in 2011 many players left the old RO and hopped to the recently released RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

Man! This was the real shit! It was probably the hugest disappointing game sequel I've ever played. Sluggish controls, no more barrel aligned aim, no vehicles(except the two cheap tanks), and shitty performance... just to name a few things. Most of of the old and reliable teams did quit the game after some months. I tortured myself eventually till the middle of 2013. Than I did quit Red Orchestra 2 and its annoying, dumb community forever.

While I stopped wasting my time with competitive gaming, I found out that creating game content(like textures, 3d models) is much more interesting, and pays out much more in the end. So creating and modify game content got very soon a possession of mine. The other possession(since 2012) is my personal music project "Albtraum".

Creation and Modification of Game Content

Currently, I develop and modify game content, mainly for UT2k4 and its famous mod "Ballistic Weapons". Unreal Tournament 2004, offers the perfect playground to learn all the needed basics for video game development. So I create and modify 3D-models (at the moment mainly weapons), UT2k4 maps, sounds, textures and animations for all our Crazy Froggers(CF) mods.

Music Project Albtraum

My music project Albtraum features Black Metal, a very extreme kind of music. It is literally a one man band, I play all the instruments, write the songs and lyrics. I create all the cover arts and drawings, mix and master all songs as well. It is probably hard to do everything alone, but this means, I have full control, about everything that happens, and there is also no fucking around with unreliable band members.

PC-Hardware Rig

  • Mainboard: ASRock A770DE+ [2009]
  • CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition [2011]
  • RAM: Patriot DIMM 4 GB DDR2-800 Kit [2008]
  • GPU: ASUS ENGTX560 Ti 1024MB, PCI-E, 2xDVI, HDMI [2011]
  • HDD1: (Primary) WD Caviar Black 640 GB SATA [2011]
  • HDD2: (Secondary) SAMSUNG HD501LJ 500 GB SATA [2008]
  • PSU: Xilence Power 800 W [2011]
  • Case: Apevia X-Telstar Jr. S (250mm fan, black) [2008]
  • Monitor1: (Primary) BenQ E220 HD 21,5" [2010]
  • Monitor2: (Secondary) LG Flatron L1960TQ-BF 17" [2011]
  • Input: Mouse: Logitech MX518 [2011]
  • Keyboard: Logitech K300 [2009]
  • History: Custom build PC, created 2008. Since than most of the hardware,
    like CPU and GPU got replaced by newer ones.